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Q: I've got a question about the ARIAs. Who do I contact?

For general event and VIP ticket queries please contact the Awards team at awardstickets@aria.com.au

For sponsorship opportunities contact sponsorship@aria.com.au

Q: I'm interested in volunteering...

Thank you for considering us but we've got a long-list of people who have offered their services. Also note that we don't use or require seat warmers at the ARIAs.

Q: I'm a VIP guest. What's the dress code?

Officially there is no dress code. It's the music industry so pretty much anything goes and you certainly won't be turned away for not dressing up enough. Or too much. Have a look at our gallery's history section to see what guests have worn to past events and that should give you a pretty good idea of what people wear.

Q: When, where and what time are the ARIA Awards?

Find out all the details here

Q: Can I go to the ARIA Awards ?

Ticket info can be found here

Q: Can I watch the Red Carpet arrivals?

Details coming soon...

Q: How do artists get nominated for an ARIA Award?

The ARIA Awards are open to product released by ARIA members (ARIA is the Australian Record Industry Association - click here for more information). ARIA members can be artists, record companies, CD distributors, manufacturers, etc. To find out how to become an ARIA member, visit the members section of the ARIA website by clicking here. Each year, all ARIA members are contacted by the ARIA Awards Event Producer with details on how to submit recordings for consideration by the ARIA Awards judging panel. Entries are usually due at the end of July and the eligibility period for releases closes around the same time. If you wish to join ARIA so you can enter recordings in the ARIA Awards, note that membership applications generally close off in the middle of July each year, and only memberships current and approved on that date may enter recordings in the Awards.

Q: How are the winners decided?

The ARIA Awards are peer-voted (except for 4 publicly voted awards), meaning a judging academy of over 800 members of the music industry decide who wins the ARIAs. This academy has evolved over the last 27 years to include judges from all sectors of the music industry - retail, radio and tv, journalists and critics, television presenters, concert promoters, agents, ARIA member record companies and past ARIA winners Click here to find out more.

Q: Can I be a judge?

Membership of the judging academy is by invitation only. For more information on the judges, click here.

Q: I won an ARIA Award in a previous year and I've lost/misplaced/sold/given away my trophy. Can I get another?

Yes. Please contact the Awards team at awards@aria.com.au

Q: How do I get to meet the artists?

Unfortunately there is no official opportunity for fans to meet the artists at the ARIA Awards or associated events, but if you're there for the Red Carpet arrivals, you just might get lucky!